You may be surprised to discover that graphic design is surrounding you almost anywhere you are. Understanding what graphic design actually is, may change your interpretation of how design can benefit you. Whether we are aware or not, it reaches us throughout almost every entity making graphic design, in my opinion, the most pervasive art in our lives today.

To fully understand this, you must stray from what you feel is ‘art’. Take a look at the book sitting beside you, the empty beverage container on your desk, the banner you drive past every morning and even the magazine you are reading now! All of these objects have been thoughtfully created by a graphic designer. Designers can be seen as problem solvers challenged with finding the best solution possible to achieve the goal of making an impression on the audience. Sometimes that is a boost in sales and sometimes it is to make an idea understood. If your audience reacts to the design (they pick up the book, they choose that beverage, they go to the event advertised on the roadside, or they read that magazine), then the designer has succeeded!

Take a moment to look around and reflect on how graphic design impacts you and your life, then ask yourself – how could you utilise the power of graphic design?