Fashion Photoshoot in the beautiful town of Tenterden

Another season, another rail of fashions, shoes and accessories. And the team are brought together again – Bella Creative (Art Direction & Catalogue Designer), Louise Paige (Fashion Photographer), Irena Tyshna (Model) and the Elizabeth Rose style team (Stylists). It may have been very cold but that would never stop us!

Today we were shooting the Spring/Summer Elizabeth Rose collections, and with over 100 shots planned, we had a busy day ahead of us! Out and around in Tenterden we started the day after warming up on cups of tea and hot chocolate. By 10am we had already completed some amazing shots and we were eager to get more while the light lasted. We managed to shoot up until 4pm (with a well needed break in the middle for lunch, an energy boost, and of course to warm up a little!) when the light finally gave up and disppeared behind the townscape. We then completed the rest of shoot inside the Elizabeth Rose shop in our upstairs studio which we had set up the day before. Nice and warm, we all got that last motivational boost we needed to finish the photoshoot as planned.

It was a great day, very hard work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! The catalogue is being created as I type and I cannot wait to see the final product.

Now, what shall I create for Autumn/Winter 2015…..


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